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Our attorneys at Bornstein Oppenheimer, PLLC are highly experienced and reputable litigators, negotiators, advocates, and counselors. Together with a support staff of several full-time paralegals and legal secretaries, we are committed to serving each and every client with the highest levels of respect, courtesy, and professionalism. We represent persons injured, and families of persons killed, by accidents and the negligence of others, including motor vehicle drivers, building owners, doctors, hospitals, municipalities, owners of vicious animals, and landlords in Louisville and across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The partners at Bornstein Oppenheimer, PLLC are William Bornstein.

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Bornstein Oppenheimer, PLLC
Kruger & Schwartz Building
3339 Taylorsville Road
Louisville, KY 40205
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Telephone: (502) 895-8787
Weekends: (502) 551-7985
Fax: (502) 451-6461
E-mail: [email protected]